February 21, 2024

Jussie Smollett Ghosted By Castmates And Sister After Sentencing


Jussie Smollett will get 5 months in prison for lying about a hate crime in 2019. Smollett still claims he is innocent, his sentencing was met with public silence from the fallen star’s colleagues and even his own sister.

Jussie Smollett


Jussie Smollett was found guilty in December for falsely claiming he was the victim of a hate crime in 2019. Smollett claims he was attacked by MAGA supporters who yelled racist and homophobic words at him.

The actor was sentenced to 5 months in jail with an additional 2 years of probation yesterday. The punishment didn’t stop there as Jussie also was fined a heavy $25,000 in addition to $120,000 for staging a hate crime.  

Smollett, best known for his role as “Jamaal” in the hit TV series, Empire, defiantly raised his fist as he was led out of the courtroom, chanting, “I AM NOT SUICIDAL, AND I AM INNOCENT — I COULD’VE SAID I WAS GUILTY A LONG TIME AGO.”

Meanwhile, Smollett’s 150-day sentence has been met with a glaring public silence in the last 24 hours from his fellow actors. Empire creator/director Lee Daniels, castmates Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson, and his sister, Journee Smollett, have made no comment. None of Smollett’s fellow castmates offered words of encouragement or support. Their social media feeds made no mention of the sentencing announcement or Smollett’s cries of innocence.

When Smollett first alleged the attack, many celebrities were in support of his claims.  He received a lot of support from the black community and the Empire team, including Lee Daniels and Naomi Campbell.

However, Jussie has maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal.

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