June 23, 2024

Accidental Karate Chop Hilariously Ruins Staff Coffee Party!


A group of employees were having a company coffee party one day at the restaurant. In the CCTV footage, we see several employees hanging out in the kitchen area of the restaurant. One of the women is making a couple of coffees for some of her coworkers and begins walking out of the kitchen to deliver them to her coworkers. A server who is hanging out by one of the food prep stations is talking to another employee when he suddenly and inexplicably does a karate chop, presumably while telling a story of some kid.

Unfortunately, the female employee was directly behind him with a coffee in each hand when she accidentally caught the karate chop sending ice coffee and whip cream flying everywhere making a huge mess on the floor, and drenching the woman in an iced coffee bath. No one was injured during the incident and the staff ended up laughing until they were crying after the incident. Posted By Ghost

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