Megan The Stallion appeared on Dua Lia’s podcast, At Your Service, following the release of their collaboration, “Sweetest Pie,” on Friday. The two artists discussed a wide range of topics including the “double standards” in the music industry with regard to how male and female artists are treated.

“I feel like that about the music industry in general,” Lipa said, bringing up how women have been pitted against each other in the music industry. “There’s this beautiful moment coming into music – as a whole – where female musicians are seen to lift each other up. And I think that’s really beautiful and important.”

Megan Thee Stallion
Rich Fury / Getty Images

Lipa went on to ask if Megan feels there is a double standard for men and women in the industry, explaining that she believes, “The one thing that I feel like that women and men that I find a large disparity is when we perform live, for example. And I’ve seen this a lot with reviews or whatever for concerts … I think we’re used to working double as hard in some ways. I feel like it’s instilled in us that we have to work really hard to be taken seriously.”

“It definitely is a crazy double standard,” Megan added. “But I feel like — we’re girls, right? — and sometimes I just have to take it as everybody knows that we are superior, so they expect us to arrive as the superior beings that we are. I feel like we just get critiqued so heavy because everybody just knows that women are the shit so you just look at us to be the shit all the time.”

Check out Megan’s full appearance on At Your Service below.