December 2, 2023

Pretty sure I got scammed by 2 rappers : hiphopheads


So I’m in a p shitty mood. I’m a producer and several months ago I dm’ed some rappers for features on some beats of mine. Some of y’all might have heard of Zotiyac, he’s the first artist I messaged saying I’m trying to get him on a beat, he told me what’s ur budget I told him $250 he said bet, but for a short song and no one else could be on it. I paypaled him and then sent the beat. I messaged him like a week later following up, and he was like ‘my bad gang did u buy a feature? ‘ And I was like ye and he told me to send the email again. I did, and that same cycle happened again. After another week or so I sent him a message basically saying ‘look fam I’ve been listening to ur shit for a while and am a fan of the stuff u put out, all I’ve been trying to do is get a good song w you, if you don’t wanna do the song just tell me/give me an update or pay me back or somethin. ‘ He responded saying he already did the song, and he’d lmk when it’s sent. At that point I was just like fuck it whatever it is what it is. It’s been like 6 months so today I j messaged him and he’s like “hol up bro you didn’t say nothing for 5 months?? idek wtf feature you’re talking about, what’s the email again’ and shit like that and I can’t tell if he’s actually just high af and careless or if I’m just being scammed, even tho it seems p damn obvious it’s the latter. Like wym ?? I was the one waiting for 5 months and HE didn’t say anything. Lmao this shits so wack

Anyways, basically this whole situation also happened with the rapper Valee. At the time I was messaging them at the same time, so I payed for both features within the same day. I hit him up asking how much for a verse, he gave me a number I said chill. He gave me a phone number to send the beat to, and same shit. I messaged him asking whatsup, he said it’s already done and he’d send it to me. Lmaooo, like why do they think they’re not being odd when they have a “finished” song but haven’t sent it for some reason?

Both of these artists were big enough at the time that I thought there’s no way they’d actually be just out here being shitty, boy was I in for a rude awakening. So oblivious, but at the same time I was just like fuck it let’s see what happens so that’s why I did it. Lesson learned.

I’m not rlly surprised tbh that they’re the kind to do shit like this but what fucking sucks the most is that I thought these dudes were dope/pretty solid people, but now I just don’t rlly have respect for them and can’t look at them the same anymore. Can’t bump their shit anymore because I know they don’t give af about anyone

Whatev ig that’s life

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