With the recent emergence of gay hip-hop icons like Lil Nas X, the topic of the LGBTQ+ community has been a major talking point among fans are artists. For Nas X, he has never felt as accepted or respected like he should as a gay artist, but also sees himself as pioneer that will lead to there being more and more gay rappers in the future.

Included in this new crop of LGBTQ+ rappers is Saucy Santana, who sprung onto the scene in late 2021 and early 2022 with his December Keep It Playa album, including features from Rubi Rose and City Girls, as well as his early February single with Tay Money.

A few weeks ago, Saucy Santana noted that he particularly embraces his gay identity, as he hopes his advocacy can help boost artists in the gay community and empower those like him.

In a recent interview with Quentin Latham of FOX Soul, Rick Ross said he supports artist like Santana in chasing their dreams, even though he was not aware of who Saucy Santana was: “I’m not familiar with the name Santana. But live your life, chase your dreams and go hard man. Go hard.”

Rozay was also asked if he felt his genre was supportive of gay artists, and although artists like Lil Nas X may disagree, Ross thought rap was accepting of the LGBTQ+ community: “I believe hip-hop has already embraced it, without a doubt.”

Check out what Rick Ross had to say about the gay community below.