Elon Musk has Ukraine’s back like no one else. So far, the SpaceX founder has responded to the country’s plea for help by sending his Starlink systems abroad to provide them with an alternate internet connection, and now, it looks like he’s ready to take on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in a fight in order to defend the war-plagued nation.

Early on the morning on Monday, March 14th, the 50-year-old tweeted, “I hereby challenge [Vladimir Putin] to single combat,” earning him 189K likes and counting. “Stakes are [Ukraine],” he added, writing the country’s name in her native language. 

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“[Do you agree to this fight]?” he continued in another post, directly tagging the Kremlin’s official Twitter account. As Daily Mail, points out, Musk may be in for a serious beating if Putin takes him up on his offer – the politician is a judo blackbelt, and has even co-authored a book called “Judo: History, Theory, Practice.”

Before the war in Ukraine began, Putin held the title of honorary president of the International Judo Federation, but his violent actions have led him to be suspended from the role.

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Among the other messages that Musk – who recently welcomed a second child with his on-again-off-again lover Grimes – shared a quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. “By the pricking of my thumbs…” he began, failing to deliver the following line, “something wicked this way comes.”

In another upload, the South African shared a meme of a screenshot from Narcos, with text that reads “Netflix waiting for the war to end to make a movie about a Black Ukraine guy falls in love with a transgender Russian soldier.”

Check out more of Elon Musk’s recent Twitter antics below, and let us know who you think would win in a fight between him and Vladimir Putin in the comments.