Mitch Trubisky had himself some very difficult seasons with the Chicago Bears. While he was very good one year, there was a lot of inconsistency that followed, and fans weren’t so sure he was the guy that was going to take the Bears to the next level. Eventually, Trubisky found himself as the backup QB on the Buffalo Bills, and since that time, he has been looking for a shot at being a starter in the NFL again.

Well, today, Trubisky was given that opportunity as the Pittsburgh Steelers signed the QB to a short-term contract. Given who is in the organization right now, it would appear as though Trubisky is being lined up to become the next starter for the franchise.

Fans had a lot of thoughts on this, although some of you might be surprised to see that the comments were actually quite positive, at least for the most part. Trubisky is a QB who has been roasted quite a bit over the years, however, it seems like fans and analysts see this as a good move considering the Steelers needed someone with experience. 

For now, it looks like Trubisky will be a buffer between now and drafting a QB that the team truly believes in. You can check out all of the reactions to the move, down below. Also, let us know what you think of the signing, in the comments section.