An entire middle school in Orange County, Calif., is in mourning today (March 14) following a shocking event on campus. Schools have been at the forefront of conversations about safety, especially as hundreds of altercations and shootings have occurred in the United States alone. There has been an emphasis placed on how students should interact with one another and staff has been advised on what to look for just in case they may have a troubled student, but Kraemer Middle School stole national attention after there was a report of a suicide.

According to ABC7 News in Los Angeles, the school’s assistant principal took his own life on campus while class was in session.

Students were abruptly sent home Monday afternoon and later, police confirmed that assistant principal Moises Plascencia killed himself while in an area that was only for staff. He reportedly shot himself with no one else around.

“Words will never be able to express our true sorrow regarding this loss,” Principal Michael Young reportedly wrote in a message. “While we may never make sense of nor understand why this occurred, please know how deeply Mr. Plascencia cared for your students, their education, and all of Kraemer Middle School.”

Students will reportedly return to school as usual tomorrow. The district has also set in place mental health counselors who will be available for support. We offer our condolences to Moises Plascencia’s loved ones.