December 2, 2023

Future’s ‘Legendary Nights’ Tour Will Give Away Scholarships For Fans


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Future may have made a tongue-in-cheek song about giving out “Scholarships” at the strip club with Drake, but it looks like now he’ll be doing so for real while on tour with Meek Mill. As the Legendary Nights tour kicked off, Future announced that he’d offer a $2000 scholarship to a fan at each tour stop through his FreeWishes Foundation, along with free tickets and limited edition apparel.

To enter, aspiring candidates must write a 500-word essay, “How Receiving This Scholarship Would Be a Dream Come True,” and email it to while following the FreeWishes Foundation Instagram account by noon on the day of their local stop. They must also be an active student in that city.

The rules are reproduced below, directly from the foundation website:

Enter to win a $2,000 scholarship, 2 tickets to the Legendary Nights Tour, and an exclusive “I am a Dreamer” sweatshirt

To enter, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Follow the Freewishes Foundation’s social media page @freewishesfoundation (IG)

2. Email your 500 word essay to and tell “How Receiving This Scholarship Would Be

A Dream Come True”

3. Complete the above steps by noon the day before the Legendary Nights Tour stop in your city

4. Cross your fingers and DREAM big!

*In your email please include your name, instagram handle, phone number, copy of active student id, name of college, and contact information for school financial aid office.

The winner will be annonced via email and text.

Deadline is 12noon the day before the actual show.

Must be an active college student in the same city.

The Legendary Nights Tour runs through October and features Megan Thee Stallion, Mustard, and YG supporting Future and Meek Mill.

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