Artists formerly known as Bad Boy stars are coming out from every corner as they revisit their times with the coveted label. Bad Boy Records was one of few labels that helped etch the Golden Era of Hip Hop into music history with artists like Biggie, Lil Kim, 112, Total, The LOX, Faith Evans, Black Rob, Shyne, and many more. Mason Betha, better known as Mase, also pumped out a classic or two during that time, but after hanging up his mic to pursue the path of a preacher, fans didn’t expect to receive new music anytime soon.

However, 2022 continues to be filled with unexpected surprises, and earlier today (March 14), Mase unleashed his new single, “ORACLE 2: Standing On Bodies.” In it, he seems to set sights on his former friend and label head, Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Mase, Diddy
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

It should be noted that Mase didn’t directly name Diddy on the track, but there were several lines that left listeners believing he had a target. This song was also released during a tense time for Combs as he has faced public scrutiny over his behaviors on his classic hit MTV series, Making The Band. In the 2000s, Diddy’s singing competition series made young hopefuls into stars, but many of the artists, along with some non-Making The Band musicians, have come forward with complaints about being done wrong by Bad Boy.

Mase has openly spoken about his issues with Diddy allegedly not selling him his own masters and it looks as if there is still bad blood and he revisited moments on his new single. “N*ggas sayin’ let it go / You buggin’ n*gga, I can’t let it be / Tell n*ggas don’t call for me, I can only talk for me,” he rapped. “Then they tried to dangle money, they didn’t think I’d ever leave / N*ggas never pay the artists / But they love to pay the freaks.”

Hip Hop fans quickly jumped online to weigh in about this one. Diddy hasn’t mentioned the single, but we can only imagine his thoughts. Check out a few reactions and let us know what you think of Mase’s latest.