Lil Durk will have the highest-charting new album of the week with 7220 on pace to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts. With one of this year’s strongest first-week sales, the Chicago-based rapper is enjoying this latest stretch of his career, celebrating with his OTF team. 

As fans continue to enjoy the new body of work, one of the songs has gone viral because of a particular lyric in the chorus. Of course, we’re talking about “Shootout @ My Crib.”

The song arrives fourth on the album’s tracklist and has been rubbing fans the wrong way, all because of one lyric in the hook. Lil Durk says at the end of his chorus, “I ain’t gon’ cap, you gon’ smell Percs and lean when I fart.”

As you can imagine, this bar has led to online hilarity with fans commenting on the strange lyric, wondering why Durk felt like getting so descriptive about his farts. Of course, this isn’t the first time hip-hop fans have heard anything like this. Future rapped about codeine coming out when he urinates, also stating that it smells like promethazine. 

Despite there being many hip-hop lyrics similar to this one, Memphis rapper NLE Choppa felt like checking his collaborator over it, tweeting Durk and asking why he went this route.

“Come talk to me @lildurk this is not ok,” said the health guru on Twitter. Just a day earlier, Choppa claimed that if your urine is too yellow, the kidney is not healthy. He also told his fans that if your farts aren’t smelling too good, your gut health may need to be improved.

Do you think NLE Choppa might grow a new herb for Lil Durk’s flatulence problems?