Russell Wilson is now a member of the Denver Broncos, and today was a big day for the quarterback as he got to have his introductory press conference with the team. It was a huge moment for the Broncos organization, as now, they will be looking to make it all the way to the playoffs, and perhaps even a deep run that goes beyond just the Wild Card Round.

What made today interesting is the fact that the Seahawks put out a statement before Wilson’s press conference, claiming that he was the one who initiated the trade. The Seahawks tried to put the entire honus on their QB, and as you can imagine, Wilson was asked about this today.

Russell Wilson

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

“I didn’t initiate it. It was mutual,” Wilson said matter-of-factly. Clearly, Wilson did not appreciate the Seahawks making such a statement, especially after all that he had given the team over the years.

Today, Wilson noted that as far as the Broncos are concerned, he hopes to play 10 to 12 more years, and he believes there is a realistic chance that he can win two or three Super Bowls with his brand new team.

Wilson will be in tough with his new team, although there is no denying that he is a capable QB who knows how to win. With that being said, the Broncos will definitely be a team to watch for this year.