Jamaican-born singer Shenseea is having a moment following the release of her new studio album, ALPHA. Marking her arrival in the American mainstream, Shenseea has been adapting her artistic style for a different audience, experimenting with her sound on her new album. 

As we all know, the life of a professional recording artist can be pretty chaotic, and it usually involves flying around the country (or world) on a weekly basis for meetings, studio sessions, performances, and more. As Shenseea continues to grow her fanbase stateside, the 25-year-old made an appearance on Angela Yee’s Lip Service, speaking about her sex life, masturbation habits, and more. During the interview, Shenseea admitted that she likes to bring her sex toys in her carry-on when she flies and oftentimes, she takes breaks on long flights to pleasure herself in the bathroom.

When Angela Yee asked the artist if she prefers to use toys or her hands, ShenYeng responded, “My toys. I used to use my hands but when I started working, my arm started getting tired and I couldn’t hold the mic. Now I got toys galore. I don’t even need a n***a.”

She went on to reveal that she travels with her favorites in her handbag, saying, “It’s a must-have! Like a lipgloss… On the plane… the plane bathroom…”

One of the women on the panel said that she also likes to masturbate on planes, even admitting to pleasuring herself in her seat in first-class. Shenseea reacted, saying, “No, it’s nice because people are there and they just don’t know!”

“So you’ll be in the bathroom while I’m wondering who’s in the bathroom this long?” asked Angela Yee.

“Yeah, that’s me,” laughed Shenseea. “And if I’m actually in the mood, you ain’t even gonna notice, to be honest.”

If ever you’re on the same plane as Shenseea, it might be a wise idea not to shake her hand… and to avoid the lavatory. What do you think about the superstar artist admitting that she likes to pleasure herself in the airplane bathroom? Let us know in the comments.