September 26, 2023

Is London On Da Track’s Newest Conquest Emerging Artist, Shenseea?


Jamaican artist Shenseea recently released her new anticipated studio album Alpha and of course, she had to have an album release party to celebrate. The party was in her home country Jamaica and although the party was in celebration of Shenseea, music producer London On Da Track stole the show. 



London iced the upcoming artist out in a new diamond chain with an ‘S’ pendant to match. The two have been getting pretty cozy lately, they were caught holding hands at the Super Bowl causing a frenzy of the two possibly dating.

Although a lot of people are supporting the possible couple, many believe Shenseea should run while she can considering London’s scandalous history with R&B singer, Summer Walker

London On Da Track has a track record of hooking up with emerging starlets. London’s most recent affair with Summer Walker ended with a public airing out of all the drama and claims of abuse and threats after their breakup. 

Although the two have since moved from the situation, London may be back at it again with a new prospect, Shenseea.

Could the encrusted “S” chain be just a gift between professionals or London’s latest conquest?

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