Julio Jones was one of the best wide receivers in the entire NFL just a few years ago, although since leaving the Atlanta Falcons, his production has diminished. His first season with the Tennessee Titans wasn’t exactly one to remember, and heading into this season, there were questions as to whether or not the team would want to keep him on the roster. In the eyes of most fans, however, there was no question he would ultimately end up staying.

Well, those beliefs were all disproven today as Jones was released from the Titans, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. Now, Jones is a free agent who can freely pick and choose where he goes next season, and his options are certainly all of the way open.

When the news broke, some fans were very surprised by the news, and it led to various fanbases looking for their teams to get ahold of Jones. From the Packers to the Falcons to the Seahawks and even to the Raiders, it is clear that many fans want Jones on their respective teams. After all, he is a Pro Bowler, and he is someone that most teams could trust. 

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