There have often been jokes made about Keke Wyatt always being pregnant, but her current circumstance is no laughing matter. The acclaimed singer is known for her incredible voice, but she has also developed a reputation of continuously being with child. Wyatt has a large family that seems to grow by the year, and she recently announced just weeks ago that she is expecting her 11th child.

Both she and Nick Cannon have bore the brunt of verbal jabs and quips from social media users, but Keke recently returned with solemn news that her unborn child is struggling in the womb.

During a live performance, Wyatt detailed her baby’s health issues in song.

“I found out the doctor say my baby has trisomy 13,” she sang through her tears. The baby has a rare disorder where chromosome 13, in full or part, appears three times. Children with Trisomy 13 often are born with certain birth defects that can include microcephaly, cleft palate, cleft lip, hernias, kidney problems, clenched fists, extra fingers or toes, and more. According to reports, these babies don’t often survive longer than just a few weeks.

There has been an outpouring of support for Keke Wyatt and her family through this difficult time, but there have also been people who have sent her cruel comments. She addressed the negativity on Instagram.

“I’d like to send a special prayer [praying hands emoji] out for the rude, cruel people that took time out of their day to get on social media & make disparaging & morbid comments concerning my pregnancy,” the singer wrote. “This past weekend at my show I was very transparent with my amazing fans (who I see as family) about the status of my pregnancy. I explained to them, the day after my maternity photo shoot my husband & I received the news that our baby tested positive for Trisomy 13 per the doctor.”

“It was a moment that wasn’t planned during my show but at the end of the day I felt in my spirit to share or encourage another women that might have to face this battle,” Wyatt added. “For all of the disgusting people out there that are wishing ill on me and my baby. Say what y’all want about me, I’m use to it…No weapon formed against me will prosper anyway[raised hands emoji]. BUT a innocent unborn baby?? Be careful putting your mouth on people. I pray that God gives you grace when Life comes knocking on your front door & you won’t reap what u are sowing.”

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