Celebrities often fan out over their peers and Beyoncé remains a superstar that everyone would love to meet. Entertainers from every facet of the industry have spoken about what they would do if they were ever afforded the opportunity to speak with the singer, but a close second is having Beyoncé give them one of her coveted social media birthday shoutouts

Ever so often, Bey appears with a birthday mention to celebrate her peers, and the most recent recipient is none other than Tamar Braxton.

Tamar Braxton
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

Tamar shared the post that hosted a childhood photo of the singer. “I wasn’t going to post cause it for sure doesn’t feel like #sttamarsday but, I want to thank @Beyonce for the laugh that I have been searching for since Saturday morning,” Braxton wrote. “I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose,but God knows what u need. I love you so much for this SCREAM.”

Last week, Tamar’s sister Traci Braxton lost her battle with cancer. It was a fight that Traci faced privately for the better part of a year and the Braxtons have been inundated with prayers and well wishes during this time. Beyoncé’s mention seemed to be the little bit of light that Tamar needed. Check it out below and happy birthday to Tamar Braxton!