Tune in to another installment of a rapper sharing his grievances with his record label. It isn’t uncommon, especially in Hip Hop, for artists to speak openly about the conflicts they have with their teams. From management to publicists to money-hungry accountants, rappers have often emerged on social media to air out behind-the-scenes drama they’ve encountered. 

Record labels are regular targets for such posts and heated discussions, and recently, Calboy penned a lengthy message warning new artists to avoid inking contracts with RCA Records or Polo Grounds Music.

“All upcoming and unsigned artist please do not sign to @rcarecords or @pologroundsmusic Bryan Leach,” Calboy wrote in a text image. He added more thoughts in the caption.

“For years I was quiet and respectful. Being a team player,” the rapper stated. “For the past two years I’ve spent my own 100s of thousands to put my music out but yet they still wanna benefit off me n not put anything in …I got a gold album but they won’t count it ..got hit singles they won’t count & of course my break thru hit single which is 4x platinum,making them millions, I still haven’t seen a royalty.”

“Now they wanna take down Black Heart which is going crazy rn !” he added. “I put my whole life into music and I went so many different routes before this one. To all my supporters and friends spam these ppl tell em let me go! @rcarecords @pologroundsmusic ain’t been paid in four years from y’all ppl n it was sh*t to begin with I’ll throw tht back.”

Calboy asked to be released and tagged RCA, Sony Music, and Polo Grounds in his post. His fans took to his comments with “Free Calboy” reactions, but it is unclear if he will be able to work independently anytime soon. In a separate video, the rapper declared, “I ain’t no slave, bro.” Check out Calboy’s posts below.