September 30, 2023

JAY-Z To Produce Neflix Film Based on Graphic Comic Series ‘Irredeemable’ & ‘Incorruptible’


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JAY-Z will reunite with The Harder They Fall director Jeymes Samuel for an adaption of graphic series Irredeemable and Incorruptible.

JAY-Z and director Jeymes Samuel are teaming up again. Six months after the release of their Netflix show-stopper The Harder They Fall, on Thursday, it was announced that the two are collaborating on a film adaption of graphic comics Irredeemable and its spinoff Incorruptible.

Directed by Samuel with co-production from Hov and James Lassiter, Kemp Powers, whose credits include 2021 Disney+ film Soul and Marvel Studios upcoming Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, will write the script. Boom! Studios’ Stephen Christy and Ross Richie will also assist as co-producers.

The Irredeemable graphic series dramatizes how The Plutonian, the world’s greatest hero, snapped and became a supervillain. In the comic’s sister series Incorruptible, supervillain Max Damage responds to Plutonian’s evil by transforming into a superhero.

In a statement, Netflix briefly explained the synopsis of the upcoming film.

“Protagonists from each series – one a villain on a quest to become a superhero, and the other a fallen hero turned villain – face off.”

Originating from comic book publisher Boom! Studios, the series was created by author Mark Waid with illustration from Peter Krause. Krause spoke with Deadline about the upcoming Netflix adaptation.

“Peter and I are thrilled to death that a writer and a director we both admire are bringing Irredeemable to life in a faithful and respectful way while inventing their own twists and turns,” said Waid. “Their unique take on the comic makes it unlike any anti-hero story I’ve ever heard, and I love it.”

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