Juice WRLD‘s estate has announced that the rapper’s latest posthumous album, Fighting Demons, will be released on vinyl. The project, which was released on December 10, was recently updated with a Digital Deluxe Edition that includes several new songs titled “Legends,” “Rich and Blind,” “Go Hard 2.0,” and “Cigarettes.”

There will be multiple exclusive versions of the album, including red vinyl, translucent black vinyl, and more.

Juice WRLD, Vinyl
Bryan Steffy / Getty Images

Following Fighting Demons, Juice’s estate plans on releasing another posthumous work titled The Party Never Ends; however, his manager, Lil Bibby, recently said they plan on canceling the project if fans keep leaking Juice’s music.

Juice’s mother, Carmella Wallace, has also spoken out about the issue of leaked music.

“I understand they loved him. They loved his music, but there’s a proper way to do it. Let us give you our best. Leaked music is not necessarily cleaned up music, it’s just leaked, it’s not finished,” she told XXL in December. “So, it’s just a lot of work just going into it. It’s a bit disrespectful to him, honestly, to leak his music like that. But I know that monster is there, been there and it’s not going anywhere. We can just do our part and put out good music. He made a lot of good music.”