Kanye West’s new girlfriend Chaney Jones has been turning a lot of heads as of late. For those who may not know, Ye has been spending a whole lot of time with Jones, and they can mostly be found at sporting events together. Of course, West has had a few boos since his divorce from Kim Kardashian, however, some have noted that these women have some sort of resemblance to the star. In fact, Jones fits the Kim K aesthetic pretty well, and some believe she is a full-on lookalike.

From the hair to the lips to the body, Jones definitely bears resemblance to Kanye’s ex. Despite this, it would appear as though Jones does not agree with this sentiment or analysis, whatsoever.

Kanye & Chaney

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Recently, TMZ caught up with Jones at the airport where they asked her about the Kim K comparisons. As you can see in the clip below, Jones was pretty uncomfortable about the comparison, noting that it is something she completely disagrees with. She also spoke about her conversations with Kanye, noting that the new never talk about Kim.

Clearly, Jones is not a fan of all this Kim K talk, and it has to be a weird situation for her to be in. Regardless, she is with Ye, which means there is always going to be some blog chatter surrounding her name, and even her likeness.