May 18, 2024

Sada Baby Expertly Samples Slick Rick On New Song “Bop Stick”


Sada Baby is one of the most interesting artists coming out of Michigan right now. With each new track, he delivers big energy, hilarious lyricism, and a flow that is undeniably his own. With that being said, fans are always eager to hear what he’s got coming out, and recently, he dropped a phenomenal new song that contains a sample from the classic Slick Rick song, “Children’s Story.”

This new effort from Sada Baby is called “Bop Stick” and his fans are certainly going to appreciate this one a lot. From the flow to the production, everything about this song screams Sada Baby. The lyrics are humorous at times, and they are also absurd in a lot of places. Regardless, it is a great effort from the artist, and we can’t wait to hear more in the not-so-distant future.

Quotable Lyrics:

Тhіѕ ѕmеllіn’ lіkе а р0rnо ѕhооt, thе ѕtісkѕ gоt dеесk аnd tіttіеѕ, huh
Rеd оr thе bluе ріll, b**сh, І wаnt thе уеllоw оnе, huh
Yоur b**сh mаd ѕhе саn’t gеt nоnе, І wоn’t ѕеll hеr оnе, huh
F**kеd hеr uglу frіеnd, mаkе thе сutе frіеnd јеаlоuѕеr
І dо whаt І wаnt аrоund thе Вау, thеу ѕhоw mе hеllа lоvе

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