When Gunna released DS4Ever at the top of the year, many were excited for what they were about to listen to. In the end, Gunna was able to deliver a very solid project that even beat out The Weeknd for the number one album in the world. With that being said, there had to be a single to help propel these kinds of numbers, and it just so happens that Gunna had that with “Pushin P.”

The track features Future and Young Thug, and it immediately went viral as the “Pushin P” movement was in full swing. The phrase became the new social media slang that everyone wanted to use, and while the definition of “Pushin P” is still murky, there is no doubt that people love saying it.


Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for RtA

According to Our Generation Music, “Pushin P” has hit a brand new milestone as it is now the first and only single of 2022 to be certified Gold. This is huge news for Gunna, as he is easily one of the most successful artists of the entire year. Given the virality of the single, this latest milestone should come as a surprise to virtually nobody.

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