October 3, 2023

Pusha T Disses McDonald’s with Arby’s “Spicy Fish” Ad


I guarantee that none of us expected to start our work weeks looking at that header.

So, fast food chain — and septic tank destroyer gods — Arby’s tapped Pusha T to craft some theme music for their Spicy Fish Sandwich. This isn’t particularly unique to the rapper: back in the day, he and his brother No Malice — during their Clipse days — crafted a jingle for McDonald’s. However, this time around he puts the golden arches in his crosshairs.

True to Arby’s oddball form, Push sends shots at McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich, their clown of a mascot, the staff, organization, and entire crew. It’s completely silly, and it’s not to be taken seriously (if you’ve seen any Arby’s advert over the past few years with that deep-voiced voiceover guy, then you know what to expect). But, again, this is likely the most random drop of the second day of Spring 2022.

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