February 21, 2024

Tennessee cop on camera tasering delivery driver for requesting supervisor


Tennessee Cop Tasers Delivery Driver For Requesting Supervisor


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NWA was right. Their iconic, retaliatory, anti-authority anthem “F*** The Police” was released in 1988, and every year since then police departments all around the United States lend more and more credence to those 5 brothas arguments against the oink.

According to the Independent, a Black Door Dash driver was tasered by a Hamilton County cop who refused to call his supervisor in when he was asked politely by 28-year-old Delane Gordon during a traffic stop. Gordon says he was just feet from his drop spot when the officer made a U-turn to follow him despite the fact that he wasn’t speeding, wasn’t on his cell phone, and was wearing his seatbelt. The initial interaction seemed to be normal but Gordon says he began filming when the officer got more hostile and more aggressive…

Everything the cop is saying is clearly a lie. He tells Gordon that he’s pulling him out of the car for “refusing to give ID” when the man is literally holding his ID in his hand. This footage was turned over to Attorney General and an investigation has been launched.

“Hamilton County District Attorney General Neal Pinkston is asking the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) to investigate a traffic stop by the Collegedale Police Department that occurred on March 10, 2022,” the DA’s office said in a statement. “The driver was charged with speeding, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. No additional information on this incident will be forthcoming until the investigation has been completed.”

That investigation better end with someone looking for a new job and possibly some money to pay a civil lawsuit.

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