December 2, 2023

Brian Tyree Henry Recounts Filming ‘Atlanta’ In Europe


Photo Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live (YouTube)

Ahead of Thursday’s third season premiere of Atlanta, Brian Tyree Henry stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk filming in Europe.

The third season of Atlanta is inching closer. Ahead of the premiere episode on Thursday night, Brian Tyree Henry appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about the cast’s experience with filming in Europe, with locations including London and Amsterdam. The third season began filming in March 2020, less than a week before the COVID-19 pandemic changed schedules in television production and film.

“So you got to understand, Donald [Glover] and [La]Keith and Zazie [Beetz] and I, we all went out and did other things after and it took us a while to get back, just because we just started to go out and like, try to take over the world,” Henry said, sharing that the cast filmed in Amsterdam while the city was under lockdown.

“When we were filming in Europe, we had the most rare experience because it was still lockdown,” Tyree shared. “So we were just running around these streets while there’s nobody there, no tourists, anything like that. So Amsterdam is known as like, the party city, but it was like everyone in Amsterdam was so happy that they got the city back to themselves. So everyone was just so happy and polite and kind, and on the canals and sharing wine and cheese, it was really nice.”

Tyree added that he didn’t know the show’s global reach until they filmed in Europe. “You don’t know how crazy your reach is until white people who speak different languages are running up to you,” he said. “You’re like, ‘I think I made it now, danke.’”

The third season of Atlanta premieres Thursday, March 24th at 10 PM ET.

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