December 2, 2023

Latto About To Drop News On Surprise Feature On “Big Energy” Remix


Latto has big news and we think we cracked it.  The southern belle has a surprise for fans and all the evidence points to the reveal of a major co-sign from a female superstar on her upcoming 777 album release.



Latto took to Twitter to tease her excitement for some super “good news” brewing.  Latto tweeted, 

“I’m crying on the plane cause I just got the good news I been waiting on.”

Latto dropped the tracklist to her upcoming album 777 which includes the list of artists set to be featured on the album. One song in particular –“Big Energy Remix” — had the artist’s name blurred out, leaving fans to guess who was on the secret collaboration.   The blurred name was clearly two words.  Amateur forensic sleuths on the internet were able to decipher that the first letter of the first name started with an “M” or “N.”

Plus, we know the artist has to be a female because all the male artists have been exposed, including “Mr. What About Yak?” (Kodak denied he’s that guy.)

With those clues, there is a possibility the collaboration could be two female heavy hitters in the music industry. We say either Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey.

Nicki Minaj is an obvious choice. Latto has expressed how huge of a fan she is of the queen herself.  And Nicki has recently shared she’s all about no-drama and female empowerment in 2022.  Plus, Nicki recently blessed Coi Leroy with a feature so the Queen’s has been making her rounds showing love.

The other choice for who is the mystery artist could be none other than pop superstar Mariah Carey. Of course, it would only be right to feature Mariah since “Big Energy” samples Mariah’s hit 90’s single “Fantasy.” 

[Editor’s Note: Fantasy is sampled from Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love.]

Whoever the surprise artist is, fans are super excited and waiting for the official announcement.  The last time Latto played the guessing game, she received backlash from fans who were disappointed in the revealed feature on her latest single “Wheelie.”

Hopefully, Latto won’t disappoint this time around.

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