The brazen robberies in Los Angeles continue and this time, Beverly Hills was the target. We’ve been seeing an increase in reports out of the City of Angels regarding broad daylight thefts and they rang from people getting robbed on the street to teams of people storming department stores. More exclusive neighborhoods are finding themselves targets, as people having lunch at restaurants in Beverly Hills are accosted by thieves who steal their jewelry before taking off.

Today (March 22), the Los Angeles Times stated that five people targeted Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills and were able to grab $5 million worth of high-end stones.

The incident reportedly took place sometime around 1:45 p.m. and video footage taken from bystanders have circulated online. The thieves were said to have had a sledgehammer to help with their break-in and in videos, they’re seen running down the street, dodging people that were simply going about their day. Beverly Hills police reportedly received dozens of calls about the incident.

The L.A. Times reported:

The thieves abandoned the vehicle they arrived in near the store and escaped in a second vehicle. An owner of the store told KNBC that the burglars made off with as much as $5 million in merchandise.

Several police cars were on the scene as officers attempted to recover as much evidence about the robbers as they could. Investigators are reportedly combing through street surveillance cameras for any additional information about where the five men may have traveled following the smash and grab. Check it out below.