His path to fame came courtesy of being a meme, but Andrew Caldwell has enjoyed riding the wave. Several years ago, Caldwell captured the attention of the world when he was filmed making a speech, or giving a testimony, during a church service. It was there that he publicly declared he was no longer gay and had been “delivert” from homosexuality, although that has been a subject of debate among the public.

Caldwell remains a viral sensation and has had several controversial social media moments over the years, but recently, his appearance on the Zeus Network’s new show Bad Boys Los Angeles has been a focal point for reality television fans.

Zeus has been under fire in recent days after an alleged fight broke out during the taping of one of their other shows, Joseline’s Cabaret. As threats of litigation and lawsuits have surfaced connected to that violent altercation, Caldwell emerged with accusations of his own. On his Instagram, he shared a statement from his attorney regarding allegations of sexual harassment.

“Our firm has been retained to represent Andrew Caldwell regarding several acts committed against him while participating in the production of Zeus Network’s television show, ‘Bad Boys Los Angeles,” the message reads. “As we’ve stated before, it is neither permissible nor entertaining to be the subject of intentional acts of violence or, as in this case, sexual harassment.”

“The history and pattern of abuse many entertainers are subject to endure in the entertainment industry is no longer to be ignored and industry standards must change,” it continued. “Methods of fear and intimidation are unacceptable in any industry or setting and will not be tolerated.”

Zeus has been accused of failing to “ensure the safety and security of its cast members” and facilitating “an unsafe and toxic environment for everyone involved in its productions.” In the caption to his post, Caldwell added that he has “been suffering in silence” and wants justice to be served. 

With that said, Caldwell nor his attorneys have detailed what specifically occurred or who was involved. Check it out below.