September 26, 2023

Isaiah John Talks Snowfall Season 5, What He Learned From John Singleton and How He Relates To Kanye West’s Views About Kids On Social Media


Snowfall star Isaiah John sat down with SOHH for an interview in which he discussed his (not) Atlanta roots, his love for photography and how, like Kanye West, he wants to keep his children away from social media.

Isaiah John from Snowfall


Isaiah John stars as Leon Simmons on Snowfall, now in its 5th season on FX.    The show follows a young street entrepreneur, a Mexican wrestler, a CIA operative, a drug-running couple and other characters who are set on a violent collision course during the infancy of the crack cocaine epidemic in 1980s Los Angeles.

John, who claims Atlanta, Georgia for convenience, jokes that – according to  Omeretta’s “Sorry Not Sorry” song – he is actually, “not Atlanta” having grown up in College Park, a close outskirt of metro Atlanta.

Being from the south, Isaiah’s favorite artists at the moment reflect regional hitmakers including close friend and up and coming rapper CEO Trayle, Lil Baby, Gucci Mane, Young Thug and Gunna. 

The Snowfall actor recently welcomed a son in September and with all the drama surrounding Kanye West and his children’s social media presence, John shared his own concerns about allowing his children on social media, saying that he’d like his child to wait past elementary and middle school, because “children get exposed to a lot of things on social media and it opens their curiosity.”

John also shared about his time with the late John Singleton, the original creator of the show, and says it was Singleton along with his father who actually introduced him to a love for photography.

For fans of the show, Isaiah teased that upcoming episodes will see his character Leon going through a lot with the police.  Tonight’s episode #6 is Part 2 of “The Illiad” after a brutal attack leaves the Saint crew in chaos.  Snowfall airs every Wednesday at 10 pm EST on FX.

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