September 30, 2023

Kehlani Shares Release Date For New Album, ‘Blue Water Road’


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Kehlani announced the April 29th release date of third album Blue Water Road, which follows her 2020 album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t.

Kehlani fans will get to dive into new music next month. Over the weekend, the singer announced at Lollapalooza Argentina that she’s releasing her third album Blue Water Road next month, but on Thursday, she secured an official release date of April 29th.

“Blue water road is a destination in my mind,” said Kehlani in a press release. “I’m giving everyone access. It’s an emotional journey, a sexual journey, and a spiritual journey. To me, the album is like a glass house. It’s light, transparent, and the sun is shining right through it.”

In February, the singer released a black-and-white video for “little story” which she co-directed with Alexandra Thurmond. Kehlani’s daughter, three-year-old Adeya Nomi Parrish Young-White also made an appearance.

The single followed “Altar” which was released in September, where Kehlani danced in sync with performer and choreographer Diovanna LaBeija in the countryside.

“to all those i have lost, all the angels i have gained, all those that walk with me with hands cracking my chest open, this is for you,” the singer wrote about the video in a since-deleted tweet.

First teasing Blue Water Road in a trailer last September,

In December, Kehlani spoke with Byrdie about what Blue Water Road listeners can expect.

“I’m so glad to be settled into my fan base and in my little world. I can experiment and have fun. I don’t feel like I have to deliver a radio single right now,” she said. “I have room to become the artist people want me to be, that I think I can become,” they insisted. “I have hella room to become the person I want to become.”

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