June 23, 2024

The Joker is Creepy in Previously Unreleased Scene From ‘The Batman’


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The Batman Joker

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

The Joker makes an extended appearance in a previously unreleased scene from The Batman.

Is the Joker next? On Thursday, The Batman director Matt Reeves released a previously unreleased scene featuring Batman (played by Robert Pattinson) speaking to Joker (Barry Keoghan) about the identity of the Riddler (Paul Dano).

Reeves released the trailer in a really cool way. Reeves sent out a Tweet linking to a site where fans had to solve three riddles to watch the scene. (The scene is now available on Warner Bros.’ YouTube page.)

Spoiler alert, but in the actual The Batman movie, Joker appears (voice only) at the end of the movie, where he’s speaking to the Riddler who had just been caught.

Before the movie was released, Reeves spoke to IGN about Joker’s appearance in The Batman. He said:

“What’s interesting is that the reason that Joker’s in the movie is there was actually another scene that was earlier. And because the movie is not an origin tale for Batman, but it’s his early days, it really is an origin tale for the Rogue’s Gallery’s characters. And for me, I think [it’s] this idea that the Joker is not yet the Joker, but they already have this relationship.”

Reeves also spoke about the appearance of Keoghan’s Joker:

“In the scene that you’ll see in the future, you’ll see that we worked on what he looked like. And he’s held in this very suspenseful way, away from you visually. But I wanted to create an iteration of him that felt distinctive and new, but went right back to the roots. So he’s very much out of he Conrad Veidt mold and that idea of the silent film of The Man Who Laughs.”

Watch the clip below.

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