September 26, 2023

Joyner Lucas Wants No Smoke With MGK And Needs That Lollapalooza Bag After All –


Rapper Joyner Lucas came with the smoke for Lollapalooza and their headliner Machine Gun Kelly.  Then he sucked that smoke right back down his throat.

Lollapalooza previewed their lineup for this year’s concert and Joyner Lucas was not too pleased to find his name was at the microscopic level, while Machine Gun Kelly’s name was headlining.   
Lucas took to Twitter to complain about his presence on the roster:

“All I know is Lollapalooza better take my fukin name off that flier.  I aint agree to that lineup and I dont want that weak ass money niggaz tried to give me.  Next thing I kno the flier goes out and they gon put my name in some tiny ass letter like i aint ne.  Fuck outta here!

Joyner Lucas, Twitter Account

Lucas then went on to post a pic of Machine Gun Kelly saying “then you got this goofy ass nigga headlining, how Sway?”

Lucas later deleted his shots at Kelly and said his Twitter was hacked by Russians. Obviously, he got in his right mind and realized he does want that Lollapalooza bag after all.

Nobody in his comment section believed him and even joked “Too bad they didn’t hack your stream numbers up. Then you might be headlining” (@HomeboyPlays).

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