February 21, 2024

Key Glock Shares 30-Track “Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe)”


It isn’t quite time to tuck in Key Glock’s Yellow Tape 2 just yet, now that the rapper has returned with the deluxe version of the record. Yellow Tape 2 first arrived last November and rounded out at 20 tracks with Key Glock standing alone on the record—a move that is familiar to the rapper. He continues his solo set with the updated version of the album that clocks in at 30 songs without features.

Just ahead of Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe)’s arrival, Key Glock shared a touching trailer that showed the late Young Dolph speaking fondly about the rapper’s talents. “Glock hard. He ain’t never had no features or nothing on none of his tapes. So, it speaks for itself. It speaks volumes. I really don’t know no young n*gga that’s on his level, doing what he doing and got what he got,” said Dolph.

Stream Key Glock’s Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe) and let us know what you think. 


1. Grammys
2. No Rap Cap
3. No choice
4. I Be
5. Gucci & Dolph
6. Play For Keeps
7. Proud
8. Pain Killers
10. No Love
11. Something Bout Me
12. Channel 5
13. Bill Gates
14. !!! (Don’t Know Who To Trust)
15. Juicemane
16. Tony
17. Ambition For Cash
18. Ya Feel Me
19. Can’t Switch
20. The 1
21. Quarterback
22. Da Truth
23. Check This Out
24. From The Bottom
25. Luv a Thug
26. Understood
27. Eve
28. Toolie
29. U & I Know
30. Gangsta

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