September 26, 2023

Nicki Minaj’s Surprise Drop “We Go Up” Is Now Up On The Charts!


Nicki Minaj took to social media today to bless the barbs with a new song, “We Go Up” featuring Fivio Foreign. Nicki tapped into the drill scene for this one & fans are absolutely loving it! 

Nicki Minaj


Soon after announcing the song dropped, #WEGOUP became a top trend on Twitter. It has now risen up on the charts and is #1 on iTunes in 1 hour.

Nicki hinted at a fire feature yesterday, but fans had no idea it was with Fivio Foreign. Nicki expressed to Fivio in the text,

 “THEY GON CRY IN DA BOOTH it’s too late!!!! Let’s Go!!!!” 

Nicki Minaj hinted at the song on Tiktok early this week claiming it was a song from her album that she was no longer going to release. Barbz were outraged to hear this and began to make the snippet of the song trend on Tiktok, creating dances for it. 

#WEGOUP is definitely Barb approved.

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