June 12, 2024

Jodie Turner-Smith Was Dragged For Tweet About Will Smith’s Oscars Outburst



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Everyone and their mamas had an opinion about what happened when Will Smith decided to enter the Oscars stage and slap Chris Rock in the face after making a joke at his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s expense. Unfortunately for some, like “Queen and Slim” actress Jodie Turner-Smith, their opinions left them open to ridicule on social media.

Unfortunately, fans reminded the star that she’d been attached to more “embarrassing” headlines in the past, depending on who you ask.

Jodie Turner-Smith Had ‘Second-Hand’ Embarrassment After Will Smith Oscars Chaos

The 34-year-old actress, who is married to Joshua Jackson, 43, used her keyboard and Twitter account to share her initial reaction to the controversial moment on Twitter. Taken aback about Academy Award winner Will Smith slapping Oscars presenter Chris Rock — like most folks who saw it — the British actress revealed she felt “second-hand” embarrassment over the ordeal.

“And as far as *that incident* goes…..” Turner-Smith wrote, referring to the infamous slap televised worldwide, adding that she was “processing” the incident hours later.

“I am still processing. I have second hand embarrassment for all involved.”

Jodie Turner Smith’s Tweet About Will Smith’s Oscar Slap Stirs Adverse Reactions

Replies to Jodie’s tweet poured in, accusing the actress of being more embarrassing for proposing to her husband, Joshua Jackson, in the past, urging her to stop worrying about Will.

In 2021, Jackson told Jimmy Fallon that the couple were spending New Year’s Eve in Nicaragua, when during a beautiful moment on the beach Turner-Smith asked him to marry her.

He said, “She was quite adamant and she was right, this is the best decision I ever made.”

Woefully, critics of Jodie’s reaction to the Oscars incident used the proposal moment against the star, accusing the actress who is now married to a white man of using respectability politics to justify her concern about Will Smith’s Oscar outburst.

“You were one your knees proposing to a white man twice and THIS embarrasses you?”, one user wrote.

Bernice King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, touched on respectability in reaction to Will Smith’s moment at the Oscars, calling out folks who think the actor made all “Black people look bad.”

Anybody who thinks “Black people look bad” after the #Oscars already thought Black people look bad. Respectability doesn’t cure racism.

Jodie was nailed by naysayers for her tweet for allegedly preaching “respectability” while being married interracially. Others in her replies poked fun of Turner-Smith’s performance in “Queen and Slim”.

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Thankfully, Miss Jodie has tough skin and knows how a tweet can turn into something nasty, especially for a celebrity like herself. In response to the 800 plus quote tweets ridiculing her, the actress responded:

Reading some of you lots tweets kmt (kissing my teeth).

Do YOU think she deserve this kind of backlash?

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