What fans expected to be a massive birthday celebration for Ari Lennox over the weekend resulted in the R&B singer receiving messages of support. The Dreamville hitmaker’s birthday was on March 26, and instead of flexing photos of a fun night out, Lennox took to Twitter to lament about finding out that those she held dear weren’t truly her friends. 

“To recognize that those friends were never friends at all. Those loved ones were never loved ones,” Ari wrote. “It’s heartbreaking reality. and many people that gave a f*ck aren’t here anymore. You think you have all this time and you simply don’t.”

Ari Lennox
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

“Probably the most depressing birthday to date,” she wrote elsewhere. “Thanks everyone for being sweet though.” However, not everyone was kind, and Lennox let it be known that she blocked dozens of Twitter users. Nicki Minaj chimed in to lavish the singer with compliments.

“Why should this woman have to block ppl on her bday?” questioned Minaj. “Y’all be running some of the best talents out this game then wonder why this sh*t so fkn dry! Idk what y’all said & IDC. [crown emoji] You’re beautiful & I love your voice. Gotta learn how to just be tunnel vision to the love mama. HBD [celebration birthday emoji].”

Ari thanked Nicki for the kind words, but it looks as if the singer has deleted her Twitter account. Check it out below.