October 5, 2023

OJ Simpson Says He’d Spend Life In Prison If He Slapped Chris Rock


OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson, who infamously faced murder charges in the ’90s, shared his thoughts on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

OJ Simpson — of all people — joined in the conversation about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars.

The disgraced football player criticized Will Smith’s actions in a Twitter video on Tuesday (March 29). OJ Simpson, who was acquitted of murder in 1995, sympathized with Will Smith but said the movie star went too far by smacking Chris Rock.

“It was unfortunate,” he opined. “I think Will was wrong. Look, I understood the feeling. Now, in my life, I’ve been through a lot of crap. When I was raising two young kids, every comedian in the country had a OJ routine.”

OJ Simpson continued, “And don’t think I wouldn’t wanna [b####] slap a couple of those guys. But you gotta accept it. It’s humor. I didn’t even think that [joke] was all that egregious. I thought it was a semi-unfunny joke, but I don’t know.”

The infamous felon claimed he would’ve been sentenced to life in prison if he smacked Chris Rock as Will Smith did. OJ Simpson referenced his past robbery conviction while avoiding any mention of the murder charges he faced in the ‘90s.

“I know this,” he said. “After what happened to me in Las Vegas, if I would’ve done that in front of a billion people watching around the world, they would’ve given me life without [parole]. I’m just saying.”

OJ Simpson served nine years in prison for armed robbery before being granted parole in 2017. His parole ended last December.


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