Insecure may have concluded, but Issa Rae is far from finished with building her empire. Her Hoorae production company has been busy with new projects including Rap Sh*t, a series that will focus on women in Rap out of Florida. We previously reported on Rae revealing that Rap Sh*t was partially motivated by Jermaine Dupri’s criticism of female rappers: “I was just like, ‘This is so unfair.’ So that inspired the writing of it.” 

The Oscars may have stolen attention from other events last weekend, but over in Washington, D.C., Rae was celebrating the Kennedy Center’s 50th anniversary with a Hoorae takeover. While there, she spoke more about her upcoming, Rap-centered show and shared what viewers can expect.

Issa Rae
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

 “I love being behind the scenes, I love producing,” she said following a question about shifting from in front of to behind the camera. “I frequently say I never need to do something like Insecure again where I’m wearing all hats. I’ve experienced that, and I’m good!”

Rae has purposefully been enigmatic about her Rap Sh*t comedy, but she did state that while Insecure was inspired by her real life, this new series will be much different.

“It’s kind of like a combination of various female rapper stories. So you may see sprinkles of stuff from the City Girls, stuff from [Megan Thee Stallion], definitely [Cardi B], and just my general observations of being a female rap fan,” she said. “This is such a big deal for all of us to kind of have a reemergence party and a series of events to show you guys what HOORAE is doing. That is one of the priorities for us this year is to just reintroduce what we do for the industry and be in a place that celebrates culture and have them celebrate Black culture means the world to me and us.”

Check out a few highlights from the Hoorae event below.