February 21, 2024

2022 Series” With The Love Bomb Room


There is healing power in both art and music.  Bighani “Tsunami” Energy understands the effects of this power.  During the Pandemic, when the world was closed, the state of the world’s mental health was in a state of emergency.  To escape from the chaos, Bighani started a Clubhouse room, “The Love Bomb Room” #CatchTheseCompliments dedicated to raising the vibrations of the people through compliments, laughter, and entertainment.

Fast forward two years later, The Love Bomb Room has gone from a digital community to live events and now it’s a global movement.  Launching their international footprint in London, Bighani teamed up with Rob Dimba of The Notting Hill Arts Club to present the classic #CatchTheseCompliments, a 6-hour micro-festival, on Saturday, April 23, 2022.  The UK event will include a panel discussion on “The Healing Power of Sound x Music,” which includes live performances by local UK-based artists. 

Some of the talents include vocalist Leah Siân, Kyra Jaye, Swayla, and Poet Dreamz She Wrote. “My approach has always been community-driven. There is power in collaboration.  We can accomplish amazing things when we come together as a people.”  Says Bighani, “For The Heal The Self Through The Arts: 2022 Series…I want to be able to pay homage to the arts, as the arts uplifted & saved me in many of my darkest moments.  The arts are important to humanity because we can heal through expression and transmuting energy creatively with our God-given talents.”  

The global, live & virtual events will celebrate all art forms: drawing, sculpting, painting, music, literature, dance, architecture, and theatre, all food for the creative soul.  The series also highlights new and established artists in the area ranging from musicians, comedians, visual artists, architects, culinary artists, producers, dancers, writers &  actors.  

The 1st event kicked off at the historical Nuyorican Cafe in The Lower East Side of New York City on Saturday, February 26, 2022. The event was co-presented & partnered with “I’m Funnier Than You,” aka IFTY Comedy.  The line-up included talented comedians: Darius Lamont, Ashley Michelle, Tiffany Burke, Reńee Willett, Evan Combest, Willonius Hatcher, and surprise guests Dstroy & La Bruja, hosted by Tone Viera. 

If you can’t make it to #CatchTheseCompliments “Heal The Self Through The Arts” experience in London at the end of the month, then there are additional locations coming in Houston in September, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Aruba, Miami, Ghana, as well as the digital experience.  Take it from us The Love Bomb Room #CatchTheseCompliments “Heal The Self Through The Arts” is a must-have experience for your mind, body, soul & spirit.  You can thank us later.  Click HERE for event dates and updates and check out the highlights from past events below.

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