March 27, 2023

Marvel’s Latest Movie ‘Morbius’ is Getting Killed By Critics


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With a three-day opening weekend projected at $33 million, new Sony film Morbius is getting strong viewership despite bad reviews.

The responses to Morbius have been a disaster, but the new Sony film is staying strong at the box office. Premiering Friday, the film has garnered negative criticism for its not-so-special effects, and having a script that seems dull. Currently ranked at 15% with 155 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the Jared Leto-led action film is largely certified “Rotten.”

The Daniel Espinosa-directed film has still received $5.7 million from Thursday previews, projected to amass $33 million after the three-day opening weekend. In Morbius, Leto portrays biochemist Michael Morbius from Marvel Comics, who looks to cure himself of a rare blood disease. While curing himself, he’s accidentally infected with “pseudo-vampirism” which gives him superhuman strength, speed and a bloodthirsty appetite.

On Thursday, Leto surprised Discord community moviegoers at an exclusive Los Angeles screening of Morbius.

While the film dabbles in horror and thriller, critics are unamused. “This movie is also devoid of depth. It is emblematic of a system that places amusement park wonderment above sturdy storytelling,” said Robert Daniels of The Los Angeles Times. in a similar vein, Sophie Butcher of Empire Magazine called the film a “flat, forgettable affair.”

Prior to the release of Morbius, Espinosa spoke with Games Radar about watching Leto get into character.

“He’s right in many ways,” the director said. “It’s hard to hold on to character, so that being it during the whole day gives him a certain kind of freedom. Because, what many people, when they talk about Jared, they talk about the effort and how hard it is. But what’s fun with working with Jared is that it’s also very light and easy, because he is that person, so he can go anywhere.”

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