March 23, 2023

Pusha T Says Tyler, Cole and Youngboy Are The Best Rappers

Rapper Pusha T is having a busy year in music so far with a banger of a single “Diet Coke,” produced by Kanye West, a music video, an upcoming album, and two tracks off the new “I know Nigo” album. 

Pusha T


Pusha T took some time to acknowledge the other artists he thinks run the rap game right now.

In an interview with Complex, Pusha ran through a number of topics. The topics ranged from his upcoming and past work with Pharrell to his inspiration for his future project (rumored to be named “Its Almost Dry”).  But what really got the people talking was his take on the 3 best rappers in the game right now. 

Pusha shared that Tyler The Creator, NBA Youngboy and J. Cole sre his top 3 at the moment. He said, “Tyler going crazy. Cole is doing his feature things, and YoungBoy, his output is dumb.”

“To me, rap is just that multilayered and multi-genred that you have to name those three,” he added.

In reality, Pusha’s point is well-taken. Tyler the Creator has been on an absolute tear in the past 5 years with 3 albums that could all arguably be cited as 10/10 projects. Despite his drama outside the studio, Youngboy, who could also boast a Birdman cosign, consistently does digits. He has broken his own streaming numbers, and is one of the most recognizable rappers musically and physically. Meanwhile, J Cole is often mentioned in the overall rap goat conversation. He has not only dropped his own project in the past year, but has been absolutely floating on other artists’ beats with his current post-album feature run.

Many were taken aback by the lack of mention of Pusha’s close friend, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar. These are two men who are consistently mentioned in the rap goat conversation. 

What’s your take on Pusha’s top 3 right now?  Is Pusha’s list fact or cap?

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