Today (April 2), the Braxton sisters came together to celebrate the life and loss of their sister Traci. Traci succumbed to her battle with esophageal cancer on March 12. Despite issues between her husband and former manager, Traci’s family still came together to give her the proper send off. 

“Someone lied and said “it gets easier”. It doesn’t. You just continue to live without. On your last birthday, we all wer so hopeful and Optimistic and said it wasn’t going to be your last one. We were right because Today and EVERY birthday we will celebrate you just like we said we would. #happyheavenlybirthday our sisterly bond is unbreakable. #foreverthebraxtongirls we love you #TrayDay,” Tamar shared a birthday message on Instagram. 

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

“Happy Birthday to my sister, Traci Braxton. I miss you every day. I still feel like I am dreaming and can not wake up. Words can not express the “Traci-ness” that is now missing from our lives. I miss your light, your laugter, and most of all, the amazing heart that only you possessed. I love you, my Trae Rae. Happy Birthday, my darling sister,” Trina Braxton wrote. 

The Braxton family has been in a riff with her husband Kevin Surratt and former manager since the passing of Traci. Since her death, the family believes that Surratt is exploiting her. It’s alleged that Surratt went against her wishes and held a service despite her desire to be cremated immediately after passing. Her former manager also held is own service during which he allegedly would not allow Traci’s father to enter. 

Traci Braxton would have been 51 today.