June 23, 2024

Black Men & Sex Toys: “Listen To A Black Women” Digs Deep Into This Convo


Ladies are you comfortable with bringing your sex toy into the bedroom with you and bae? Would bae be okay with this and down for the fun?

Listen To Black Women Ep. 1

Source: HelloBeautiful / MadameNoire

In the latest episode of Listen To Black Woman, Hello Beautiful’s managing editor Shamika Sanders sits down with Chris Miss, Taryn Finley and Jessie Woo to discuss this interesting topic along with other sex-related topics.

Sex toys can be a good and bad thing depending on the person who uses it. For a lot of women it’s their safe space of sexual freedom and their go to when they need a quick but yet powerful release that might not be achievable with a partner. For others it’s just a good time and an added tool to contribute to their fun.

The ladies hit on the question of when it’s appropriate to introduce sex toys into the bedroom with a partner and the responses differed.

Chris Miss said “Right away! If something works for me and it doesn’t work for you, then we’re not a match.” Whereas Taryn Finley thinks when it comes to the use of toys — or anything in the bedroom — you need to be comfortable asking for what you want.

Jessie Woo on the other hand admitted to a first and shocked all the ladies with her confession. She just had her first orgasm last year…with a vibrator. “I had never felt that kind of pleasure before.” Ultimately, Woo says vibrators help both partners get to know their own bodies better.

The next question posed was “Have You Ever Met A Man Intimidated By Sex Toys?”

The ladies had similar answers to this question as they reminisced on insecure men who responded to sex toys in a negative way.

Miss shared that one time, a guy snatched a sex toy right out of her hand. “That was a red flag,” she said, adding that it was really passive-aggressive because the two never even had a conversation about it, per our family site Madamenoire.

Finley says there is no shame in wanting to explore your body and if a man tries to shame you for it, then that’s not the man for you.

“Any dude who knows something pleases you and he tries to snatch that from you…that’s not the dude for you,” says Woo.

The women came to an agreement and believed that insecurity and fear around sex toys is part of a deeper rooted issue.

From there the conversation shifted to the following topics:

When Domination Isn’t Sexy
Myths About Black Women In The Bedroom
Taking Back Sexual Agency
Sending Nudes And First-Date Sex

The ladies not only gave great insight but juicy conversation as well. It’s safe to say that from watching this episode sex toys can make your sex life infinitely more satisfying. They’re great tools to discover new ways to reach pleasure and are also a great way to add novelty, excitement and passion into your relationship. See, y’all better LISTEN TO BLACK WOMEN!

Which the full conversation below and tune into “Listen To Black Women” every Thursday on YouTube. Stay tuned for new episodes!

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