June 16, 2024

Rod Wave Plans to Give Away Free Gas in His Florida Hometown


Rising gas prices are hitting drivers really hard in their wallets. Even Rod Wave is in disbelief at the cost of getting a full tank of gas.

In response, Rod Wave plans to give away $25,000 worth of free gas to people of his native hometown of St. Petersburg, Fla., next Saturday (April 9). In a video that he posted on his Instagram Story last Monday (March 28), the 2020 XXL Freshman filmed himself being flabbergasted at the price of a full tank of gas he put in his Bentley vehicle. It looks to be around $100.

“Gas high as fuck,” he vented. The “Nirvana” rapper then flipped the camera to him and made an announcement.

“St. Petersburg, Florida, St. Pete, 727 — giving away free gas April 9 at the Sunoco on 34th right before you get on the bridge. April 9, I’m giving away $25,000 in free gas. So April 9, 12 o’clock, pull up and get you a free full tank,” he said.

Owners of the Sunoco station confirmed to the Tampa Bay Times newspaper that the “Free Gas” event is indeed happening next weekend. Additionally, St. Petersburg police spokesman Ken Knight told the paper on Saturday (April 2) that traffic cops will be on duty to handle the large crowds that’s expected to pull up. “We will be there as long as the event is going on,” Knight said. “It is probably going to be quite a crowd.”

It’s unclear if Wave will appear at the event. The Florida rhymer is currently on tour in support of his latest album Soulfly.

Salute to Rod Wave for giving back to his community with some free gas.

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