Rod Wave says that he’s giving away $25,000 in free gas for fans on April 9 in St. Petersburg, Florida. The initiative is in response to rising gas prices throughout the country.

“Gas high as fuck,” Wave said in a video posted on social media. “St. Petersburg, Florida, St. Pete, 727 — giving away free gas April 9 at the Sunoco on 34th right before you get on the bridge. April 9, I’m giving away $25,000 in free gas. So April 9, 12 o’clock, pull up and get you a free full tank.”

In the clip, he shows that it cost him $100 to fill up the tank for his car.

Rod Wave, Gas
Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Police spokesman Ken Knight confirmed that officers will be working traffic duty for the event, as they expect large crowds in response to the giveaway.

“We will be there as long as the event is going on,” Knight said. “It is probably going to be quite a crowd.”

In response to the high price of gas, President Joe Biden recently announced that 1 million barrels of oil will be released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) per day.

Oil prices have since come down from the highs seen at the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; however, Brent crude oil is still hovering around $100 a barrel.