Kodak Black has some advice for 53-year-old Will Smith – “Get you a young tenderoni… about 18 years old.”

In his latest bout of Instagram antics, the “Love & War” rapper has decided to share his thoughts on “The Slap,” or more specifically Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship, offering up some unsolicited dating tips for the King Richard actor.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

“Go find you some other shit, Will,” Yak advised Smith. “Man, f*ck that! Go get you some more young shit, a young tender baby… You know what I’m saying? Get you some shit about 22.”

He then brought the father of three’s only daughter, Willow Smith, into the conversation, saying, “and go ahead and adopt you a baby. Go ahead and get you a whole ‘nother daughter. Adopt you one – one who gonna praise you, cherish you, know what I’m saying?”

“Bitch you gonna be my daughter, daddy’s girl, bitch!” he yelled. As XXL Mag reports, elsewhere in Friday’s live stream, the Florida-born rapper went on a tangent about the letter that Willow allegedly wrote to Tupac – who was close friends with her mother – when she was just 11 years old.

“You got my daughter writing this n*gga Tupac like he’s somewhere alive that’s shit crazy,” he ranted. “Like she finna put the shit in a bottle and muthaf*ckin’ throw that bitch in the ocean somewhere and that bitch gon’ get to Tupac in Cuba somewhere.”

When a fan asked the 24-year-old how he would’ve reacted if Willow was his daughter, he said, “I would have whupped Willow’s f*ckin’ ass homie. I would have whipped her stupid ass. Snatch my belt off, homie, and whupped her dumb ass.”

Yesterday, it was officially announced that the 53-year-old has been banned from attending any future Academy events for the next decade, a punishment that he’s accepted and says he respects – read more about that here, and let us know how you feel about Kodak Black‘s latest questionable comments below.