February 21, 2024

Drake Doppelganger Claims Cons Facebook With Bogus Post!


Often, the internet is an interesting place. Here, there is an abundance of idle time. Recently, Drake doppelganger claims are conning Facebook users with a bogus post.

That’s right, for some reason visits to a satirical social media page are going into overdrive. Yup, the Drizzy lies are a plenty. Somewhere a creative individual is getting busy in the Devil’s workshop.

The Con

In fact, the confounding rumors are still circulating. It purportedly involves several claims about the Certified Lover Boy. Moreover, supposed “tough times” are what somehow substantiated these falsehoods.

First off, Drake is synonymous with financial success. So, the suggestion that he was booked to perform for mere peanuts is more than ludicrous. Grab the popcorn; let’s get to the bottom of this gossip.


The Investigation

Above all, Champagne Papi is intimately familiar with the finer things in life. Needless to say, he is at the point where he can easily bless others. Be that as it may, reading is fundamental.

So, upon closer inspection of the blowdown page, it is immediately clear that the information should be scrutinized. As 45 surmises, it is nothing but “fake news!” Furthermore, the page clearly specifies it covers “(sh*t)Post Department” and is definitely “satire. McAllen Poop.”

Clearly, a witty individual is responsible for creating this chaos. However, the Canadian crooner is still being confused with the fictitious, “Ronnie Williams, Jr.” Also, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is now a part of these shenanigans.

“The fugitive task force is looking for Ronnie Williams Jr. of McAllen for fraud. He has convinced 3 local colleges that he is Drake (rapper) and even went as far as performing One Dance in front of UTRGV this past weekend,” reads the hoax.

Ultimately, the suggestion that the entertainer is accepting booking for “35 dollars” and a “6 pack of Modelo” is utterly false. Nice try, internet.

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