March 5, 2024

T.I. Talks About Bombing His Comedy Set at the Barclays Center


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After footage of T.I. being booed during a comedy set at Barclays Center went viral, the rapper went to Instagram Live to respond.

T.I. is still on his comedy streak, but it almost hit a dead end over the weekend. On Saturday, the rapper performed a comedy set at Barclays Center in Brooklyn during the April Fools Comedy Jam, but some crowd members expected him to perform some songs and proceeded to boo him. Like his recent appearance at Our Bar ATL, some clips from the show went viral.

Following his Barclays Center show, T.I. hit Instagram Live with Michael Blackson to discuss the crowd’s reaction.

“Did you enjoy that feeling of being booed? You liked that?” Blackson asked the rapper born Clifford Harris.

“Yes! I loved it! I didn’t feel like they were booing me like that. I felt like they were booing me like ‘I dare you to be more funny, I dare you to be more funny, I dare you to be better,” Harris responded. The rapper proceed to explain his joke about having an extensive vocabulary, which usually spawns laughs, but fell flat in Brooklyn. Despite the tough crowd, Harris says he isn’t finished with comedy.

“I don’t care what they show, I’m not seeking anybody’s validation. I’m not here for nobody else’s approval. I don’t give a damn,” he said.

Last week, Harris attended a comedy show at Our Bar ATL, where comedian Lauren Knight referenced Harris’ allegations during her set, which prompted the rapper to interrupt her, denying the case. After some back and forth on social media – and despite T.I. calling Knight an expletive which he firmly denied – according to TMZ, Knight says the two hashed things out.

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