June 23, 2024

Love After Lockup: Antoine Is Adjusting To Being Around People After Prison


It’s Thursday — which means we’re just a day away from the brand new episode of our favorite guilty pleasure show, ‘Love After Lockup!’

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Lucky for you guys you have us and we have THE plug on an exclusive sneak preview clip for this Friday’s episode. In this week’s clip, we catch up with Lacey and Antoine on his second day after being released. In case you need reminding, Lacey (38 years old) and Antoine (26 years old) met through Lacey’s friend, who also happens to be Antoine’s mom. Lacey’s marriage was on the rocks at the time and she became immediately infatuated with the young, hot, bad boy. Unfortunately, they spent little time together before Antoine called it off because Lacey was married. Though Lacey was married for almost 20 years, she was tired of her stale and loveless marriage. A year later, Antoine called her again, this time from prison. Now the two have been together for 2 years and Lacey has left her old life in the past.

You’ll see in the clip that Antoine is a little overwhelmed trying to adjust to being around more people again.

Check out the clip below:

Looks like maybe Antoine was even better than he thought at golf!

Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

Things go from bad to worse for Kevin and Tiffany when she catches him red-handed! And, Raydean is ready for the road ahead with Rick, but something gets in the way.

A brand new episode of ‘Love After Lockup’ airs Friday, April 14 at 9PM EST / 8 PM CST on OWN.

Will you be watching?

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